Saturday, 4 September 2010

in the baaaag!

i got my biker boots :D newlook-chocolate brown-£22
BUT. i lost my glasses which isnt good, and if i don't find them i have to take the boots back and use the money and buy 'apair :/
BUT. i think i mean hope they're in school ^.^ (yn)S:

i wish i coud take a picture of ma bootie, but my camera conked out. MEEEEH. its getting fixed though :D
i have become obsessed with tracy chapmans song, you gotta fast car.. its amazing! oh and katy perry.. she just lightens my mood and she is honestly beautiful like a sweet chilli chicken royale from burger king. (:

OOOOOOOOOOH i want an i pad. or the new itouch's with the 'wee' camera[: 110 days until christmas and 11 weeks until harry potter and the deathly hollows, i finished the book about a month ago in florida and on the plane. [: im so exciteddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd :D

better go watch xfactooor.
later darlings. xxx

you gotta fast car i want a ticket to anywhere.

peferably america.

HELLO. school is a bore, and homework makes less time for blogs : |
i have nothing really to say in this time.. i havent bought anything. apart from a school scarf ;)
AND i have drama 4 periods a week. life. is. good.
BUT  i still have to keep on tech but only for 2 periods ;D

apart from the heavy rain today it has been extremely sunny these days. and quite was 26 degrees yesterday [:
its like -1000000 degrees today :/ N.IRELAND SUCKS. i wish i was back in florida, sitting at the pool drinking mountain dew and reading a good 'ole book with my family and friends around me. wow.
florida was the best time of m life...

well im going into town for my boots that i've left over in new look, ill do a better blog when i get back, and towel dried ;}
bye for now.. xxx