Saturday, 4 September 2010

in the baaaag!

i got my biker boots :D newlook-chocolate brown-£22
BUT. i lost my glasses which isnt good, and if i don't find them i have to take the boots back and use the money and buy 'apair :/
BUT. i think i mean hope they're in school ^.^ (yn)S:

i wish i coud take a picture of ma bootie, but my camera conked out. MEEEEH. its getting fixed though :D
i have become obsessed with tracy chapmans song, you gotta fast car.. its amazing! oh and katy perry.. she just lightens my mood and she is honestly beautiful like a sweet chilli chicken royale from burger king. (:

OOOOOOOOOOH i want an i pad. or the new itouch's with the 'wee' camera[: 110 days until christmas and 11 weeks until harry potter and the deathly hollows, i finished the book about a month ago in florida and on the plane. [: im so exciteddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd :D

better go watch xfactooor.
later darlings. xxx

you gotta fast car i want a ticket to anywhere.

peferably america.

HELLO. school is a bore, and homework makes less time for blogs : |
i have nothing really to say in this time.. i havent bought anything. apart from a school scarf ;)
AND i have drama 4 periods a week. life. is. good.
BUT  i still have to keep on tech but only for 2 periods ;D

apart from the heavy rain today it has been extremely sunny these days. and quite was 26 degrees yesterday [:
its like -1000000 degrees today :/ N.IRELAND SUCKS. i wish i was back in florida, sitting at the pool drinking mountain dew and reading a good 'ole book with my family and friends around me. wow.
florida was the best time of m life...

well im going into town for my boots that i've left over in new look, ill do a better blog when i get back, and towel dried ;}
bye for now.. xxx

Monday, 30 August 2010

and its 4 degrees celcius.

its typical of me to type out a whole blog, then my laptop freeze. >:]
so.. i havent blogged in 3-4 days, and its sorta cause me and my friends have been doing chain sleepovers which have been so fun, and we came to terms that we needed  to do something like that before school started back, which is tomorrow to be precise..
moving on.. my birthday was GREAT unbeleivably great. i went to the theatre then out for dinner then my friends stayed at mine :) the presents my friends and family got me are great and i appreciate them all, so so much.
  • from my mum and dad i got a baseball inspired long-ish cosy cardigan from abercrombie. its cream and has 2 thick navy stripes at the bicep ';)' area. on down on the actual cardigan it has a red '9' with a&f wrote in it and OH thats on the pocket. i give up haha. sucha description. im sure you can imagine that vividly :| LOL.
  • from my nan i got brogues in a black/charcoal colour with silver circle studs in a semi circle at the back and in a half sorta heart shape at the front, not a heart but the '3' bit of a heart not the number 3 but like, the shape. again, i give up mehehe.-topshop
  • with the money i got;
    -a coat from primark, do ya know THEE type of coat for winter, sort of the car/swing coat :) in navy.
    -shortshortshort ankle boots from primark, tan colour with two buckles with a think band which has antique gold coloured studs (:
    -a green military [inc. studs. dirty gold studs.] waistcoat from once again primark!
    -a navy, [pale] blue and brown cardigan {zara et topshop}
with money to spare ;) ill look in topshop and newlook and zara and river island next time im in town, even though im just out of it. meheheeeeee :D
i did get nothing today though. wait, yes i did. i got a happy meal ;D eveyone luvssss a happy meal {;

thanks for sticking with me :3
toodles.. xx

Thursday, 26 August 2010


it's my birthday :3

i basically want my dreams to be reality.

i went into town. with money and a mission and i bought;
a pillow.
a ruler.
a pencil case.
i am over flowing with excitment :| BUT its my burrfday tomorrow and i might get money = birthday money+money i already had=SHOES.
i have become obsessed with shoes. [ if i wasnt already].. but i saw 2 pairs that i really really love ;
i know. :))

the top pair i want so bad, they are from river island like the kids section [cause i have small feet. its great] the bottom pair are from new look(L) they fitted me perfectly and they are the right height for an ankle boot. [ same with the river island pair ]
the only thing is that the pair from RR are £40 and the newlook'nes are 20. AND. there is a pair similar to the biker boot [ with the exception of colour] in new look for £22. so basically, i could have 2 pairs of shoes for the price of one!(+£2){:

the biker boots in new look are like a charcoal acidy sorta colour { which depresses me} they are pretty though ^_^
here they are ;

ahhhh it wont let me move the imagee! but its the photo in the middle. just randomly placed :D

i do love my pillow though and the other two things i got where neccessary as i start back to school tomorrow.
yay! :|
ill see you tomorrow afternoon ON MY BIRTHHHDAY!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

dear mr. money tree...

... please produce enough to let me afford these things.

i need a trip to town, by that i mean not standing in a changing room with friends trying on dresses for £90 but with actual money and a mission.
i really want a coat(s) and a t-shirt(s) and jeans and a bag and a pair of shoes and i really cant name it all, from topshop {: ;

thecoat :}

looks nicer in person (:


even though i have about 7 pairs, i neeeeeeed these

im not a big fan of the whole double denim trend but im always wearing leggings or my beige turn up trousers as an excuse to wear my leather jacket so i thought coloured skinnies would be a great idea. i had my eye on these bubblegum pink ones or a peachy sorta pair but they didnt have them in the petite range
:{ anyway red skinnies will do ^-^

OH and the khaki green coat boy that would look good with a pair of denim shorts and the second tshirt tucked in with a thin plaited brown belt, THE SNOOD and brown brouges. my life would be grrrreat if i had that. :| {with the beanie and bag} ;)

and the second coat,  this one i would wear buttoned with a mini denim skirt {acid washed} andandand... OH.. them really wooly dull orange amber ribbed tights and uggs in chestnut or brown brouges and the beanie.

deal; snood in primark (£4), near enough the same colour though more net like but for 12 quid cheaper. who wouldn't?

and i guess i love bright pink lipstick.'
'its'a weakness.'' if i had all the money in the world. ahh :').
 ta-raa! xxx


seeing as i can't sleep, i blog :]
lets get to the point, i have been on polyvore for ages now. twiddling around with stuff. i love it!
im going to share two of my most recent ones, these ones are reeaaalllyyy naturale but there are so many pretty natural things i seen on the range...

this one is my favourite. favourite item(s)
-the denim waistcoat from miss selfridge
-the top right ballet flat/brouge like shoes from

the one below is a random one i did. [not using much effort]...
i love the tights and the peach shoes :)

'till next time! xx