Monday, 30 August 2010

and its 4 degrees celcius.

its typical of me to type out a whole blog, then my laptop freeze. >:]
so.. i havent blogged in 3-4 days, and its sorta cause me and my friends have been doing chain sleepovers which have been so fun, and we came to terms that we needed  to do something like that before school started back, which is tomorrow to be precise..
moving on.. my birthday was GREAT unbeleivably great. i went to the theatre then out for dinner then my friends stayed at mine :) the presents my friends and family got me are great and i appreciate them all, so so much.
  • from my mum and dad i got a baseball inspired long-ish cosy cardigan from abercrombie. its cream and has 2 thick navy stripes at the bicep ';)' area. on down on the actual cardigan it has a red '9' with a&f wrote in it and OH thats on the pocket. i give up haha. sucha description. im sure you can imagine that vividly :| LOL.
  • from my nan i got brogues in a black/charcoal colour with silver circle studs in a semi circle at the back and in a half sorta heart shape at the front, not a heart but the '3' bit of a heart not the number 3 but like, the shape. again, i give up mehehe.-topshop
  • with the money i got;
    -a coat from primark, do ya know THEE type of coat for winter, sort of the car/swing coat :) in navy.
    -shortshortshort ankle boots from primark, tan colour with two buckles with a think band which has antique gold coloured studs (:
    -a green military [inc. studs. dirty gold studs.] waistcoat from once again primark!
    -a navy, [pale] blue and brown cardigan {zara et topshop}
with money to spare ;) ill look in topshop and newlook and zara and river island next time im in town, even though im just out of it. meheheeeeee :D
i did get nothing today though. wait, yes i did. i got a happy meal ;D eveyone luvssss a happy meal {;

thanks for sticking with me :3
toodles.. xx

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