Saturday, 4 September 2010

you gotta fast car i want a ticket to anywhere.

peferably america.

HELLO. school is a bore, and homework makes less time for blogs : |
i have nothing really to say in this time.. i havent bought anything. apart from a school scarf ;)
AND i have drama 4 periods a week. life. is. good.
BUT  i still have to keep on tech but only for 2 periods ;D

apart from the heavy rain today it has been extremely sunny these days. and quite was 26 degrees yesterday [:
its like -1000000 degrees today :/ N.IRELAND SUCKS. i wish i was back in florida, sitting at the pool drinking mountain dew and reading a good 'ole book with my family and friends around me. wow.
florida was the best time of m life...

well im going into town for my boots that i've left over in new look, ill do a better blog when i get back, and towel dried ;}
bye for now.. xxx

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