Thursday, 26 August 2010

i basically want my dreams to be reality.

i went into town. with money and a mission and i bought;
a pillow.
a ruler.
a pencil case.
i am over flowing with excitment :| BUT its my burrfday tomorrow and i might get money = birthday money+money i already had=SHOES.
i have become obsessed with shoes. [ if i wasnt already].. but i saw 2 pairs that i really really love ;
i know. :))

the top pair i want so bad, they are from river island like the kids section [cause i have small feet. its great] the bottom pair are from new look(L) they fitted me perfectly and they are the right height for an ankle boot. [ same with the river island pair ]
the only thing is that the pair from RR are £40 and the newlook'nes are 20. AND. there is a pair similar to the biker boot [ with the exception of colour] in new look for £22. so basically, i could have 2 pairs of shoes for the price of one!(+£2){:

the biker boots in new look are like a charcoal acidy sorta colour { which depresses me} they are pretty though ^_^
here they are ;

ahhhh it wont let me move the imagee! but its the photo in the middle. just randomly placed :D

i do love my pillow though and the other two things i got where neccessary as i start back to school tomorrow.
yay! :|
ill see you tomorrow afternoon ON MY BIRTHHHDAY!

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