Wednesday, 25 August 2010

dear mr. money tree...

... please produce enough to let me afford these things.

i need a trip to town, by that i mean not standing in a changing room with friends trying on dresses for £90 but with actual money and a mission.
i really want a coat(s) and a t-shirt(s) and jeans and a bag and a pair of shoes and i really cant name it all, from topshop {: ;

thecoat :}

looks nicer in person (:


even though i have about 7 pairs, i neeeeeeed these

im not a big fan of the whole double denim trend but im always wearing leggings or my beige turn up trousers as an excuse to wear my leather jacket so i thought coloured skinnies would be a great idea. i had my eye on these bubblegum pink ones or a peachy sorta pair but they didnt have them in the petite range
:{ anyway red skinnies will do ^-^

OH and the khaki green coat boy that would look good with a pair of denim shorts and the second tshirt tucked in with a thin plaited brown belt, THE SNOOD and brown brouges. my life would be grrrreat if i had that. :| {with the beanie and bag} ;)

and the second coat,  this one i would wear buttoned with a mini denim skirt {acid washed} andandand... OH.. them really wooly dull orange amber ribbed tights and uggs in chestnut or brown brouges and the beanie.

deal; snood in primark (£4), near enough the same colour though more net like but for 12 quid cheaper. who wouldn't?

and i guess i love bright pink lipstick.'
'its'a weakness.'' if i had all the money in the world. ahh :').
 ta-raa! xxx

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